What kind of coding tools do you require?

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Por snout

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19-12-2006, 02:06

Allright, here's one for the Z80 coders amongst us. When coding for MSX, which compiler(s) do you use? Do they need further improvement, are there any lacking features? Are they user friendly enough? Are you waiting for a project like Compass 2.0 or new sjASM/tniASM/... compilers to finish? Or do you prefer to develop in PASCAL or C?

The goal of this thread is to find out whether or not new compilers are needed, or what improvements coders are expecting in this area. The better these compilers get, the easier the life of MSX developers get, the more likely we are going to see more, new and better MSX software. So: bring it in!

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Por hap

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19-12-2006, 02:38

Whoa, watch it with the activity surge past 2am, people are trying to sleep here Wink

I'm not much of an MSX coder, but I think I'd be most comfortable with using existing tools on the PC, like a cross assembler, and an emulator with a good debugger. Of course I'd still use the MSX, but mainly for testing the result.

Por SLotman

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19-12-2006, 08:04

Definitivly PC tools... I love Pascal (MSXPad), but I'm also using M80/L80 nowadays (specially on my latest project, yet to be announced Wink)...

Por ro

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19-12-2006, 08:05

To me it's all about the whole environment. Not just a assembler, linker and such. That's why stuff like WBass2 and Compass are great. Altho Compass has very nifty features, WBass2 sparkles in usage. I like the environment which don't take up space, graphix and other recourses. It's quick and short. It lacks long labels, memory management etc. But I enhanched it with atleast some memory management and more by merging it with Midas/F-kernel.

I've not seen any other env I like. Cross assembling is NOT my style. I like to press a key to assemble a piece of code and TEST it right a way. Without saving, going to DOS (or whatever) running and exiting again just to return to sources again etc. bleh.

Por Manuel

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19-12-2006, 09:55

A very good optimizing C compiler targeted for MSX would be nice. I'm not sure about z88dk, but it looks like it's a candidate. Optimizing is a key thing. Oh, and it should be free software, of course Tongue
(We did some C development for MSX and testing it right away with an emulator is rather comfy!)

Por dioniso

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19-12-2006, 10:44

Until the beginning of 2006 I only used TASM (Chaos Assembler). Since then I use a better one: tniASM.

So I'll say I would like to see tniASM creates a file with the code and all the addresses on the left, like TASM (but it's not sooo important). As I said, it's the compiler I prefer in the moment.

Por ivke2006

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19-12-2006, 12:49

Delphi / Visual Basic like dev tool for SymbOS. :-)

SymStudio could be a good start.

Por ro

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19-12-2006, 13:01

RAD? pfff, thaz for lamers iyam

Por jltursan

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19-12-2006, 13:25

Cross developing here, ConTEXT as editor and any good assembler like asMSX or sjASM. Also I'm eagerly waiting for SymStudio and the new SDCC developing kit.

Por wolf_

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19-12-2006, 13:28

ro: rather spend your chitchat-time on this forum on actually creating code/gfx orso, how can one of the most active MRC users be so unproductive? (esp. with YOUR track record) Tongue

Por Sonic_aka_T

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19-12-2006, 14:18

I generally use a combination of Notepad2, TNIASM and SjASM. Since I generally don't use macros I tend to use TNIASM, but unfortunately TNIASM lacks 32bit defines (as in DWORD $00112244) so occasionally I use SjASM for that. Like said, I don't use an editor... Notepad2 is fine for me.

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