MSXpad Library tutorials/guide (English please)

Por madcrow

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20-12-2006, 17:47

I'm looking for some sort of information on how to use the libraries that come with MSXpad. I can code console apps in Pascal without problems, but I'd like to use the MSX in something other than "dumb terminal" mode. As a rather juvenile bonus (and exhortation for you to get me information that would enable me to make more interesting programs, I'll post a Pascal implementation of a certain BASIC program once loved by legions of 10 year old children...

(* The classic repeating statement, coded in a proper,
structured fashion. *)

Program NotThatFunny;

FlyingPigs : Boolean = FALSE; (* Humorous naming for the win *)
JunkToSay : String [80] = 'I''m still not laughing.';
JustInCase : String [80] = 'WTF!!! There''s a pig on the roof!';

	writeln (JunkToSay);
until FlyingPigs = TRUE;
writeln (JustInCase);

Note: I always define my strings to 80 characters as that's the biggest they're ever likely to get. Conveniently, it's also the most common text screen width...

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Por PingPong

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20-12-2006, 19:50

What kind of things you exactly need to do?

Por SLotman

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21-12-2006, 10:05

hmmm... most libraries on MSXPad are mostly self-explanatory, jut look at the inc's and you see functions like screen(value); sound(reg,value); cls; mostly are pretty similar to MSX BASIC.

Also on my site there is a small PDF teaching how to load screens, drawing lines, sprites, making sounds, as well as teaching how to use the features from MSXPad - just go to "The Secret Files->Programs->PC Programs"

Por Sd-Snatcher

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21-12-2006, 11:44


I though the site had disapeared. You must release a new MSXPAD version with correct web page. Smile