MSX sound performance system Player 1.2 by Mstz80ax

MSX sound performance system Player 1.2 by Mstz80ax

por Pac en 10-01-2019, 01:53
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XPL-A is updated to version 1.2, fixing minor issues, and receives new music packages.

XPL-A is a new music player developed by the Japanese MSX user Mstz80ax who has been very active at Nico Nico video sharing website the last few years. There you can find many examples of his amazing compositions for our beloved MSX-MUSIC soundchip, most of them arrangements of music from MSX games and anime, created on a Sanyo Wavy 70FD MSX2+ computer. Recently he also opened a Youtube account for your enjoyment.

During last months Mstz80ax has been working on a new player for his own music file format and this is the result. A player for MSX-MUSIC and PSG that includes many options and interesting features such as images and lyrics. Minimum specifications are an MSX2 computer and MSX-DOS.

Relevant link: XPL-A 1.2 download
Relevant link: Mstz80ax on Twitter

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22-12-2018, 08:30

Looks like a great program, nice one. Thanks, Mstz80ax!

Is there any software available for composing music in this format? (Or maybe format specification?). I would regret if there aren't any of options to make music with it...

Por Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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22-12-2018, 00:22

Very nice, very nice, very nice. Unfortunately previous version worked with different incompatible format. I guess soon a MML compiler will be released too.

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22-12-2018, 01:29

MML compiler? Sounds awesome Smile

Por gdx

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22-12-2018, 10:35

Look nice! Thanks.

A video of XPL-A:

Por janghang

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22-12-2018, 17:53

His Youtube channel has really good arranged OPLL songs.

Por Oscar

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23-12-2018, 09:08

Seems a cool player. I will try for sure Smile