Pletter issues

Por Eugeny_Brychkov

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06-01-2019, 20:17

Some time ago I was advised to use Pletter for packing data for MSX. The package is having packer for Windows and unpacker for MSX.

I implemented unpacker and found out that unpacked data differs with original one: King's Valley 2 MSX2 version has 291 bytes differing from original (out of 131072 it is a tiny %, but ROM does not work :evil: of course).

Anyone was dealing with Pletter before, or has access to developers?

Please do not tell me that I used it "at my own risk" as said in the license. I know that.

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Por Eugeny_Brychkov

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06-01-2019, 21:43

Tracing code revealed the mistake I made when modifying the unpack code. Original code is highly optimized, and it is uneasy to track register usage and occasionally corrupt register contents without preserving all the registers before performing custom operations not assumed in original code.

Por santiontanon

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06-01-2019, 21:52

I use pletter heavily, but never faced any issues (I use the unpacking routine "as is" though). But it seems you already solved your problem Smile