Does block ATT (mobile) IPs?

Por Vampier

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13-01-2019, 20:32

For a while now I have not been able to visit on my mobile (iphone 7 and XS) when I try to look up the domain and ping it it works fine. But when I try to visit it it always says has closed the connection. When I visit it on IP address (instead of it will redirect me to and display the message below. Visiting from home network works just fine (not ATT but Spectrum)

it happens in all web browsers I have installed (chrome and safari)

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Por TomH

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13-01-2019, 20:48

Tested just now, I've no problem connecting via an AT&T iPhone in the New York area, with Wifi disabled of course.

So possibly AT&T has a local issue?

Por FiXato

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15-01-2019, 01:01

Can you easily proxy your pc through your phone? Then you could try through a desktop browser which might offer you some more debugging options.Or see what a trace route tells you?