ALTGR not working under Windows and a question about ALT Codes in console.

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Por DRomero

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12-02-2019, 21:37

Yeah, i have tried openMSX under Linux and it's perfect, not only the US keyboard but my Spanish keyboard too, AltGr works fine under Linux, but i don't like to run Linux for my desktop...

The problem lies in using anyeuropean keyboard with AltGr under Windows.

ALTGR + Windows OS combination.


Por Manuel

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12-02-2019, 21:41

It's good to know that you could confirm it's a Windows specific issue. Thanks. (Too bad we don't have any Windows specific developers in our team... So help is most welcome!)

Por DRomero

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12-02-2019, 22:37

Dont worry Manuel, im glad for all the work you guys put on openMSX, its my favorite MSX emulador Wink

The keyboard nuissance can be solved connecting a second cheap USA/UK keyboard on the Windows host as I finally did.

Thanks for your support.

Por pgimeno

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11-05-2020, 23:23

The next version (still not released as of this writing) uses SDL2, which supports scancodes, and there's a new mode called POSITIONAL that maps the host keys to all MSX keys directly. You just need to know the layout of the MSX keyboard, and imagine you're in front of it, ignoring the labels on your keys.

To activate this mode, you can type this in the console:

set kbd_mapping_mode POSITIONAL

or just in the command line:

openmsx -machine XXXXX -command "set kbd_mapping_mode POSITIONAL"

For a Spanish host keyboard and an international or Japanese MSX keyboard, the Yen / backslash key is typed with the ç key.

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