Back to MSX after 30+ years!

Por RIP.Willem

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13-03-2019, 14:50

Dear MSX fans,

I am back to the MSX platform for the first time since 1986. Unfortunately due to a sad event: my brother Willem passed away 6 months ago :-(
We spent a lot of time in the mid-80s to tackle each other‘s high scores. My favorite game was Dorodon back then. I even wrote a small game in Basic that was published in a German magazine called „MSX Revue“ :-)
I lost touch with the MSX world when I had to move for my first job.

Shortly before his death he told his wife to pass the „old computer stuff“ to me.
Last Monday I finally managed to collect more than a dozen huge boxes and yesterday I looked through them:
I counted 10 MSX computers and 100+ games!

The next weeks and months I will be trying to figure out what is still working. Most likely that means to learn a lot (again)!
While I intend to keep the most memorable items (yes, including Dorodon), I plan to sell the majority at a later point in time ... because I expect my wife to complain about the lack of space in the basement :-)

Thanks for having me here and greetings from Cologne, Germany

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Por hamlet

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13-03-2019, 16:12

Welcome Andreas. I'm sorry for your brother, must have been a nice guy. The thought of having to sell the computers must be very hard on you after your brother seemed to like it?
If you do have any questions, let us know!

Por Latok

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13-03-2019, 16:14

I'm sorry to read about your loss, but I also welcome you to this community. I hope you will have a good time! And do think of your brother each time you set a new high score Wink

Por Vampier

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13-03-2019, 19:58

loads of things changes in 30 years Smile Welcome back and sorry to hear about your brother.


Por edoz

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13-03-2019, 20:24

Welcome. Nice to hear you have warm feelings for the MSX. Did your brother lived in Veendam? And used the BBS systems a lot?

Por Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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13-03-2019, 20:36

Welcome on board Andreas.
Thank You for sharing your family stories and memories.
Happy MSX-ing.

Por Louthrax

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13-03-2019, 21:58

Welcome Andreas.

Por DamnedAngel

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13-03-2019, 22:22

Welcome Andreas, and hope you find great fun here. It seems to have been your brother's desire.
Thanks for sharing your story. Your brother must have been a very passionate guy.

Por RIP.Willem

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13-03-2019, 22:49

Thanks guys! I really appreciate your kind comments! He was very passionate for MSX. I grew up with Sony and Philips MSX computers, but yesterday I learned that there are also Ce-Tec, Panasonic and Yamaha computers. He must have bought them after I left Big smile
@edoz: No, we both lived in Germany.

Por TheKid

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14-03-2019, 08:24

because I expect my wife to complain about the lack of space in the basement :-)[/quote wrote:

All wifes are the same, they just do not understand that if it was up to us, our house would be a MSX store house Smile You do not hear us complain when they buy yet another pair of shoes.. But hey, sorry for your loss and hopefully digging through his msx stuff, it will bring back a lot of happy memories.