DEOCM for 1chipMSX

Por Fry Lo

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24-04-2019, 03:35

Do you remember 1chipMSX? This is the first retro game machine built with the technology of Altera Cyclone FPGA chip in 2006. Many 1chip products have been manufactured in the past 13 years, it including Zemmix, Nt Mini, Super Nt and Mega Sg. The original 1chipMSX was produced because of the production of 5,000 units, so it is extremely precious. Today I wants to introduce the MSX interface, it designed and produced by the Japanese, it called DEOCM. DEOCM does not have an embedded FPGA chip, users need to purchase DE0 FPGA development and through the software to program the FPGA chip to be equivalent to the MSX CPU to operate. When DE0 combined with DEOCM, it will be a true 1chipMSX. In the DEO SD, users can also store the game roms and dsk for playing.
It is not difficult to program DE0, but DEOCM always out of stock, so it is not easy to buy it, here I would like to thank the my friend "X Shan" for help, arigatō!

DOCM for 1chipMSX on Youtube

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Por sdsnatcher73

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24-04-2019, 09:42

Cool stuff, did not see this before. Do you know If the design of DEOCM was open-sourced (so that it could be produced by others outside Japan as well)?

Por ssfony

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24-04-2019, 20:33

I like this idea! Using a standard fpga board with an msx shield on top could make it easier to build this yourself, or use a better fpga.

Por caro

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24-04-2019, 21:44

Probably done based on this scheme:

Por Fry Lo

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26-04-2019, 02:42

Yes, based on your scheme.