New WebMSX release 5.3: C-BIOS Machines - Scanlines - MegaRAM - 5.37MHz - Environments

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31-05-2019, 23:14

WebMSX 5.3 is live with a nice pack of new features:

- Additional 5.37MHz (1.5x) CPU Turbo speed
- Light version with C-BIOS Machines
- CRT Scanlines simulation
- MegaRAM Extension (256KB - 2MB)
- Left-side Touch Control buttons
- Full Windowed mode (Shift + Alt + Enter)
- Screen Aspect (Pixel Aspect Ratio) changed to 1.14
- Improved Settings with increase/decrease values
- Hotkeys + Shift modifier: decrease values
- New External Config File. Easier setup of custom Machines and Extensions
- New Environment concept. Isolated savestates, configs, preferences
- Mouse pointer auto-lock in Fullscreen modes
- Bugfixes: SD Snatcher Melancholia and overscan games now work


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