Kyokugen package translation and how to sing the opening

Por Takamichi

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22-06-2019, 17:45

Recently I discovered the original Japanese Kyokugen was packed in a package. The package was so funny so I translated it.
What's more it featured the lyrics of the opening demo so I present my theory on how to sing them. Look here :)

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Por karloch

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23-06-2019, 02:15

Thank you!

Por wyrdwad

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23-06-2019, 03:24

This is actually really cool! The only other time I've seen this is with the unreleased Japanese prototype of Strider on Famicom, where there was extra text added to the intro scene that seemed out of place... until I realized it matched up perfectly with the music and was actually LYRICS for the game's opening theme.

I wish more games would do this, because it's a really cool little touch!


Por Takamichi

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23-06-2019, 06:08

Thank you for the reaction. I translate everything when it comes to games. I'm not the sort who lets someone speak "buy amiga!" in SD Snatcher Wink
Funny thing about this package is a lot of texts refuse to admit they are on an instruction for a MSX game but insist otherwise Tongue

Por Takamichi

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23-06-2019, 05:50

I didn't know about the Strider Hiryu except it's based on the manga version which has almost nothing to do with the arcade ver. Have just seen it, cool!

Most well known NES demo with lyrics is from Idol Hakkenden, you'll like it! Arcade Undercover Cops had one too, 43:45 here.