There's some new MSX material available from Konamiman, this time on the networking side of the business:

  • A new version of InterNestor Lite. Version 2.2 can act as a SOCKS 5 client.
  • A document explaining how to configure a Raspberry Pi to provide Internet access via WiFi for Ethernet-only devices, which of course includes our ObsoNet or DenyoNet powered MSXes.
  • The same document also explains how to use the new version of InterNestor in combination with an appropriately modified version of stunnel to get indirect support for TLS connections, thus allowing to e.g. to download web resources using HTTPS.
  • As a bonus, there are new versions of the HGET, TFTP and SNTP tools, contributed by MRC user ducasp. The new HGET is especially interesting, since it allows to donwload resources using HTTPS - and this of course works nicely with the new InterNestor + stunnel combo.

Relevant link: Konamiman's MSX page
Relevant link: InterNestor Lite 2.2 pull request
Relevant link: Modified stunnel pull request

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Por MsxKun

Paladin (937)

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19-08-2019, 23:13

Oh, meh...
When you said socks, I imagined those


Por konamiman

Paragon (1083)

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20-08-2019, 11:01

Por edoz

Prophet (2297)

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21-08-2019, 20:35

Very cool solution for this issue!

Por karloch

Prophet (2090)

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22-08-2019, 11:49

So cool! Until now downloading files with HGET via HTTPS was a pain Smile Thanks for the hard work!