Random maze generator ;-)

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Por wolf_

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24-08-2019, 11:27

Well, it could be a one-liner...


Por Manuel

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24-08-2019, 11:31

So, this is ARTRAG's from 2012:

10 screen 1:width 32: key off
20 print chr$(1)+chr$(92+rnd(1)*3);:  goto 20

Resulting in:

Then NYYRIKKI's take in 2013:


Gives similar output as ARTRAG's, but not the same:

And ARTRAG topped it off with a C program with solution included:

Por ImATrackMan

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24-08-2019, 12:41

10 PRINTCHR$(1)+CHR(25.5+64)+RND(1)*4);:GOTO10

is the closest thing I could find for Japanese computers. Since they don't have a \, you're forced to use a range of graphics characters.


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24-08-2019, 14:57

long time has passed. I was the first to have forgotten those old threads and the maze solver.

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