FUSION_C 1.2 is now available

FUSION_C 1.2 is now available

por ericb59 en 14-09-2019, 11:24
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Fusion-C is a C library you can freely use to program software and games for MSX computers under MSX-DOS in C language. MRC user Eric created a major update for FUSION C, version 1.2, which has just been released.

Here is a list of all improvements:

  • Fixes, optimizations, and new features, including MSX2 VDP features, Support of the V9990 and GR8NET TCPIP
  • CheckBreak: Check Break sequence in MSX-DOS console
  • PutCharHex: Print Hex conversion of a char on console
  • PrintHex: Print Hex conversion of an integer on console
  • HMMM: Vram to Vram
  • LMMC: Ram to Vram Fast Copy Function
  • YMMM: Vram to Vram Fast Copy to Y Position
  • HMMV: High speed draw filled rectangle
  • LMMV: High speed filled rectangle with operator
  • MouseReadTo: Fast Read mouse state and buttons to variable structure
  • Itoa: Integer to Char conversion
  • StrReverse: Reverse a string
  • BoxFill: Fast Draw of a box on screen (easy version of HMMV / LMMV)
  • BoxLine: Fast Draw of an empty box on screen
  • Added support for the V9990 by porting the TeamBomba's GFX9K graphics library to SDCC (Thanks to Sylvain). (beta, no manual, but a .h file to read!)
  • Added TCP TC

Support for GR8NET Cartridge (Thanks to Eugeny) (beta. No manual but a .h to read!)
The library is still free.

Relevant link: You can download this version at the Repro-Factory
Relevant link: or on GitHub

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  • FUSION_C 1.2 is now available
  • FUSION_C 1.2 is now available

Comentarios (9)

Por ducasp

Paladin (680)

Imagen del ducasp

14-09-2019, 13:35

I think Eugeny's library uses UNAPI, so it should be good to work with any UNAPI adapter (SM-X, Denyonet, Obsonet, XSWifi, etc...), not only GR8NET. Wink

Por rvanzon

Rookie (17)

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17-09-2019, 09:19

@eric-boez thanks man, great work! Smile

Por Argon

Paragon (1126)

Imagen del Argon

17-09-2019, 11:25

When I get the download link in my mail, the zip file is named v1.1.
It does contain v1.2 though Smile

Por raymond

Hero (643)

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17-09-2019, 19:31

Will there also be a version to use with the ASCII MSX C compiler?

Por ericb59

Paragon (1102)

Imagen del ericb59

18-09-2019, 10:43

@Argon : Filename fixed

@raymond : no. MSX C is another type of C compiler

Por ibantxuyn

Expert (127)

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02-10-2019, 15:29

Many thanks @eric-boez @eugeny for this long awaited update ;-)

Por Wolverine_nl

Paragon (1160)

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21-10-2019, 15:50

Hi Eric,
I saw the books were sold out, when do you expect there to be a new batch? Smile

Por sfranck72

Resident (42)

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22-10-2019, 12:38

You could find it on Amazon :
FUSION-C: MSX C Library complete journey

Por Wolverine_nl

Paragon (1160)

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22-10-2019, 13:17

Thanks, i ordered it Wink