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09-11-2019, 13:21

jltursan wrote:

And if you join the three lines, FOR, VPOKE & NEXT in the same line you can get the last optimization. No idea if it'll be noticeable but worth trying it

Removing all spaces and using 1-line for...next loop for the three methods, I got:

vpoke = from 119 to 115 cycles
print = from 107 to 102 cycles
out = from 107 to 101 cycles

code be like:

Just changing print"" for each method.

Any other possible optimization or method?

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09-11-2019, 13:21

Acutally, removing the parenthesis around I makes it faster: VPOKEI is faster than VPOKE(I) because the time taken to evaluate I is smaller than to evaluate (I).

My attempt(s):

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