The 2019 christmas quiz!

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Por hamlet

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23-12-2019, 22:31

In this whole quiz I liked the guest quests most. Not only because it steals some work for me, more it added fresh ideas to the topic.
As this quest provides a very nice ending, I liked ren's sound bits alot and also very much Manuel's memory quest.
Now I' very curious who will get the next loot-box owner!

Por tfh

Prophet (2944)

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23-12-2019, 22:41

I'd like to thank all of you for this quiz. I had a lot of fun again this year!

Por hamlet

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24-12-2019, 09:49

These are the answers for day 23's quest:

  1. Antarctic Adventure -Pentaro
  2. Arsene Lupin -Lupin 3rd
  3. Back to the Future -MartyMcFly
  4. B.C.'s Quest for Tires -B.C.
  5. Boulder Dash -Rockford
  6. Coaster Race
  7. Choro-Q
  8. Daisenryaku
  9. Daiva
  10. Disc Station 8 -Santa
  11. Dragon Slayer 4 -Maia Worzen
  12. Fray -Freya Sherburn
  13. Gryzor -Bill Rizer
  14. Magical Kid Wiz
  15. Ninja Kage -Kouga Ningun
  16. Payload
  17. Princes Maker -Maria
  18. Ranma 1/2
  19. Rotors
  20. R-Type -Scant
  21. Sasa
  22. SD Snatcher -Gillian Seed
  23. Shark Hunter
  24. Snatcher
  25. Super Runner -PL2 (written there!)
  26. Time Trax
  27. Urunai Sensation
  28. Winter Games
dan            IIIIII -IIII- IIIIII IIII +33=53
ren            IIII-I I-III- I-IIII IIII +32=50
gdx            -I--I- -IIII- --II-I -III +34=46
TheKid         ----I- -I-II- II-I-I ---- +33=41
Manuel         -I-III ----I∏ ---I-I --II +24=35
tfh            -I--II I-I-I- ---I-I I-I- +13=23
Meits          III-II IIIII- --II-I --I-    =14
sdsnatcher73   -IIIII -IIII- ---I-I --I-    =12
Pencioner      -I--I- --I--- ------ ----    = 3

The loot-box goes to Spain one more time!
Congratulations dan!
I am sure you will reward the dozens of students you have occupied the last 24 days with researching for you!
TheKid will sent you the loot-box and we are curious, what will be your choice this time.
Also great job to second in row, ren. I guess you are annoyed at your failure the following days. And deservedly so!
Also 2016 winner gdx will receive the loot-box soon.
Thanks for for joining us to all participants this year.
If our winners take the chance and also put an item back in the box, this time again many can enjoy it!
I am very excited about the journey of the box!
But first of all, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Por Manuel

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24-12-2019, 00:32

How did you count the scores exactly for the last quest?

Never mind, got it Smile

And Merry Christmas to you and an incredible hug for organizing this quest once again! Big smile

Por Meits

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24-12-2019, 00:49

I took a quick look earlier today and thought "ah hell, I'll survive"... Little did I know Big smile
Next year I promise (myself) not to move to another house again... This one will do...
Congrats guys and thanks Hamlet and his minions... You were great!

Por dan

Master (186)

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24-12-2019, 07:33

Congratulations and thanks a lot to Hamlet and all of you. I also had much fun with this year quiz. Hamlet, you gave me an idea to start contributing to preservation with new generations Smile merry Xmas!

Por Samor

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24-12-2019, 07:36

Thanks for the quiz!
I wonder though, did my mails even work properly at times? Aside from that I wasn't much of a participant though.

Por hamlet

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24-12-2019, 08:30

I checked my spam folder but got only two entries from you. Let me know if there is something missing. Hey, and thanks you very much for contributing the C2! I am pretty sure dan will brag about it to his students!
Hope to see you in Nijm next year!

Por gdx

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24-12-2019, 09:42

hamlet wrote:

4. B.C.'s Quest for Tires -B.C.

The Manual for the Colecovision version says the character’s name is Thor!
I did not find the manual for the MSX version but I am surprised that it is different.

Por hamlet

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24-12-2019, 09:47

You might be right as B.C. seems to have orange hair in the comic strip. Hmmmm. I checked the German Wikipedia it says B.C. is the main charakter of the game Now investigating the French and English pages named him Thor. Well, as other participants called him "Grog!!!", you have been the only one with the right answer. I will change that in the hitlist.

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