SofaRun 6.0 released

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Por Louthrax

Prophet (2406)

Imagen del Louthrax

29-12-2019, 13:47

Hi all,

SofaRun has been updated to version 6.0:

Here are the changes since the previous release:

  • SofaROM
    • OCM: Fixed max size of flashable ROMs to 2MB for Konami, Konami SCC and ASCII8 ROM types.
    • OCM: Set Internal SCC-I for Slot-1 and Internal SCC-I for Slot-2.
    • MFRSCC+SD: Added support for non-contiguous MFRSCC+SD devices (automated patch when required).
    • "Disable Keyboard" option also works when JoyMega not selected (allows to speed-up games a bit).
    • Added "Fast interruptions" setting for ROMs (experimental, keyboard reading is disabled, should speed-up games a bit...).
    • JoyMega: Soft reset is now (A) + (Start) + (Down) instead of (A) + (Start) (was a bit too easy to reset accidentally your MSX when pausing a game).
  • SofaRunIt
    • Added new "Compatible mode" (a bit slower but allowing to write to non primary-mapper memory, for games like SD-Snatcher).
    • More reliable joystick reading for disk-swapping
  • SofaUnZip
    • Restore display of CRC32 that had been accidentally removed.
    • Added /Q (quiet) option.
  • SofaSet
    • No VDP intialization in quiet mode
    • Fix "RTC-file" handling (useful for MSX that do not have RTC like OCMs).
  • MIGView
    • Added new options:
      • /An: Automatically go to next image after n frames (n must be >0)
      • /L: Loop to start after last image
      • /U: Do not restore screen after display
  • SofaRun
    • Fixed clearing of screen bottom in 80 columns mode.
    • Speed-up a bit the display of settings.
    • Auto-start is now a single command with options:
      • "Sequential".
      • "Random".
      • "Sequential no VDP", useful to have musics (.VGM) over pictures (.MIG).
      • "Random no VDP" (same as above).
    • Better random seed generation (only based on user interactions, should give more "randomness" on openMSX).
    • Fix display of ZIP entires when changing display mode (40/80 columns).
    • Use local path for command line when possible, allowing MSX-DOS 1 programs to launch files.
    • Restore display to non-interlaced after launching a file (was not handled by BIOS screen command).
    • Added option for "Non-contiguous" MFRSCC+SD (see SofaROM for details).
    • Improved joystick handling:
      • Same auto-repeat alogithm as keyboard.
      • Added click sound (same as with keyboard).
      • More reliable joystick-port reading (avoiding too fast ports reading).
      • Joystick 2 can also be used.
  • VGMPlay
    • Added /U option (do not print messages).
    • Do not restore VDP black-out if not required.

Download link is still the same: Version numbers and documentations for all tools have been updated.

The Auto-Start / no VDP commands allow to create nice diaporamas with pictures and sounds at the same time. This will maybe require some explanations, I'll create another thread for that with some examples (this will also be shown at Nijmegen).

As usual, let me know if you encounter any problem with this release !

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Por ToriHino

Paladin (741)

Imagen del ToriHino

29-12-2019, 13:52

Great work, thanks for the update! Cool

Por hamlet

Scribe (3838)

Imagen del hamlet

29-12-2019, 14:21

I like the new title screen very much!
And the great update of course!
Looking forward to see you in Nimega!

Por Louthrax

Prophet (2406)

Imagen del Louthrax

29-12-2019, 15:05

hamlet wrote:

I like the new title screen very much!

Thanks, I was just lazy and did not find a new sofa picture that worked well in screen 2. So I went for a minimalist approach with a simple gradient in Inkscape... and that looked quite nice Smile

Looking forward to see you in Nimega too !

Por tfh

Prophet (3043)

Imagen del tfh

29-12-2019, 15:12

Cool... I will have a look to get this on my Zemmix.
Replacing the files with the files in the .zip should do it I guess?

Por Louthrax

Prophet (2406)

Imagen del Louthrax

29-12-2019, 17:07

tfh wrote:

Cool... I will have a look to get this on my Zemmix.
Replacing the files with the files in the .zip should do it I guess?

Yes, you can replace everything, except if you have modified your .INI files (in that case you'll need to merge the changes manually).

Por Sebbeug

Champion (339)

Imagen del Sebbeug

29-12-2019, 17:52

Yeah ! Nice updade Louthrax !!! I will try this right now...

Por AxelStone

Prophet (3064)

Imagen del AxelStone

29-12-2019, 18:58

Hello, just tried in my Zemmix and I can't get working 2nd SCC in patched games like Gradius or Nemesis 3. I can't see any option to activate 2 SCCs, but in previous version (I used SR 5.0 until now) I got samples without any required config.

How can I get working both SCCs? Thanks.

Por ro

Scribe (4562)

Imagen del ro

29-12-2019, 18:59

Por Grauw

Ascended (10306)

Imagen del Grauw

29-12-2019, 19:01

Very cool!

What is a “non-contiguous MFRSCC+SD device” ?

Por sdsnatcher73

Prophet (2525)

Imagen del sdsnatcher73

29-12-2019, 19:11

Grauw wrote:

Very cool!

What is a “non-contiguous MFRSCC+SD device” ?

Good question, love to hear the answer. My guesstimate would be non-contiguous files (as in fragmented files) but I am not aware this is an issue (or if it is why it is only an issue on MFR).

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