Remapping JoyMega buttons in OpenMSX

Por Louthrax

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12-01-2020, 11:56

Hi all,

I've setup my openMSX configuration to have a JoyMega plugged at start (plug joyporta joymega1).

It works with games and is recognized by FRS HIDtest, the problem is the buttons from my PSX pad are not mapped in a meaningful way, so I'd like to change their assignements.

I had a look at the different possibilites in openMSX ("bind", "set joystick1_config"...), but it looks like there are no entry points for JoyMega ?

Another option could be to change the buttons assignements at the Windows level (in the control panel or something), but I've found no way to do that (at least without external software)...

Would you guys have any suggestion ?

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Por Manuel

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05-01-2021, 22:39

Sorry, I missed this post. Sadly, I have no workaround for this. See also