What are some good games NOT from Konami I haven’t played yet?

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Por radicalfaith360

Expert (89)

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12-02-2020, 07:57

Preferably cartridge games. Floppy disk is ok. No cassette games. Any genre. Recommendations?

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Por BitSquad

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12-02-2020, 08:09

I'm going to assume you've played Aleste.

How about Eggerland?

Por jepmsx

Expert (89)

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12-02-2020, 09:29

I love Fray: good music, voices in Turbo-R version. And you can decrease the speed of the game if it's too complicated.
I also used to play RPG, one of my favourite is Tower of Gazzel.
And the tetris-like game Puyo-puyo.

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9903)

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12-02-2020, 10:18

There've been several best game'ish polls in the past. https://msx.org/poll

Por Parn

Hero (659)

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12-02-2020, 14:47

Hydefos, a hori shmup, has great music and it's good fun. Feedback, a third person rail shooter, is great. And Strategic Mars, a space combat strategy game, can be surprisingly engrossing (though its clunky gameplay may be difficult to endure nowadays). Herzog, a real-time strategy game, despite being slow, is ahead of its time. Of course a lot of stuff from Falcom and Compile is also great.

Por ro

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12-02-2020, 15:48

There's just too much to mention. But I'm a big fan of anything from Micro Cabin, Falcom, Compile, Telenet Japan, and Bit2.

Por Stt1

Hero (579)

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12-02-2020, 15:59

This is a bit odd question - for making recommendations for that question it would be needed to know what have you played so far Smile

Por radicalfaith360

Expert (89)

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13-02-2020, 00:43

Let's see Aleste, Eggerland, Hydefos, Strategic Mars, Herzog. Any others?? I wanna make a list of stuff to check out.

Por Dolphin101546015

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13-02-2020, 18:15

Super Rambo, Ashguine 2, ZanacEx, Tengoku Yoitoko

Por hamlet

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13-02-2020, 19:02

This thread sounds like the Wo Is Who of the best games!

Por BitSquad

Expert (121)

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14-02-2020, 04:58

Hmmm.... *looks at shelf*

Compile games - Guardic, Golvellius, Shin Golvellius, Higemaru Makaijima, Girly Block, Nyanpi, Gorby's Pipeline

Andorogynus, Mick and Rick, Mon Mon Monster, Quinpl, Vaxol, War of the Dead Part 2 with translation patch, Yurei-kun

Nearing unobtainium - Psycho World, Pleasure Hearts (I've seen this reasonably priced, but only for sale once and it was gone before I found it), Star Virgin, Alpha Roid (some people really like this game, I don't see it myself), Yurei-kun is borderline this category but it comes up for sale once or twice a year, just really pricey, Goblin, Come on Picot!

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