3D Maze written in BASIC

3D Maze written in BASIC

por hamlet en 10-04-2020, 22:43
Tema: Software
Etiquetas: Homebrew, maze, msx1, BASIC

MSX user chalky started this BASIC program in 1985 as a technical exercise and abandoned it for 35 years.
After re-development it turned into a simple maze game which is fun to play.
Most of the code being written in MSX BASIC and there are no monsters - all you have to do is escape each of the 32 levels in under 1000 moves.
Have fun and don't get lost!

Relevant link: Download from the MRC database

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  • 3D Maze written in BASIC
  • 3D Maze written in BASIC
  • 3D Maze written in BASIC

Comentarios (6)

Por Pippo

Hero (521)

Imagen del Pippo

11-04-2020, 08:26

Very, very good programming, Mister Retro, really! Big smile
And, excellent algorithm, Milton! Big smile
Many, many thanks to both of you for sharing. Smile

Por Parn

Paladin (837)

Imagen del Parn

11-04-2020, 21:52

Very impressive. And it plays smooth like butter at 7MHz, if you have the option.

Por Juan Luis

Master (143)

Imagen del Juan Luis

13-04-2020, 22:08

I have escaped from the first level oO . I took 125 movements. It's a hard game but it's funny.

Is the map functional? I don't see anything.

Thanks for sharing the game.

Por hamlet

Scribe (4106)

Imagen del hamlet

14-04-2020, 11:32

You can see the map in the pause mode (enter pause by pressing "m", leave with ESC.

Por chalky

Expert (67)

Imagen del chalky

14-04-2020, 14:58

@hamlet - thanks for the screenshot. Smile

@Juan Luis - as per the warning on the HELP screen, viewing the map will invalidate your moves count, so only use it if you're really lost and don't mind having to start again to record your total... Wink

Por tfh

Prophet (3346)

Imagen del tfh

20-04-2020, 14:51

Cool Smile And that it's mostly written in BASIC... Well done Smile And I noticed while playing it that TFH is not that good in this kind of games Smile
I have added to the homebrew section of my site: 3DMaze Online