"El Capitan Trueno" not working in MSX2+

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Por glufke

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15-04-2020, 21:22

Hi Guys
I'm trying to run the game CAPITAN TRUENO in a Panasonic WX, but it always freezes after the main Screen2 loading image.

I tried many different downloads, using SofaRun, loading directly from a floppy, etc.
Do you guys could run this game in a MSX2+ ?

If so, is that some cheat needed ?

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Por ducasp

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15-04-2020, 21:50

Have you tried the universal poke? But, first load the basic loader of the game, it probably has a POKE in there, and replace it by the universal poke... I hade the same issue with Lazy Jones and the problem was that the game loader had a POKE undoing the universal poke fix... Tongue

Universal poke:

Por glufke

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15-04-2020, 22:32

Yes, I tried to univesal Poke. (Sorry I forgot to add this info in my original message).
I will try to see if there is any extra POKE that can UNDO the universal.

Por glufke

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15-04-2020, 22:41

Not working... Even with the POKES.
Never was able to run this game in the 2+.
They work well in the MSX1 emulators.

Por Manuel

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16-04-2020, 00:46

Face Perhaps someone can analyze the issues and post them here: https://www.msx.org/wiki/MSX_compatibility_problems

It also doesn't work on some other machines, I noticed.

Is the game even worth it? It looks like a horribly slow Spectrum conversion.

Por glufke

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16-04-2020, 01:44

It looks like the problem is the JAPANESE MSX2 and 2+.

I'm trying this file in webmsx.org :

MSX 1 Japan - WORKS
MSX 1 Americas - WORKS
MSX 2 Japan - FREEZE
MSX 2 Americas - WORKS
MSX 2+ Japan - FREEZE
MSX 2+ Americas - WORKS.

So the problem is MSX2 and 2+ from JAPAN.

Por Dolphin101546015

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16-04-2020, 05:59

In OpenMSX I using Yamaha YIS 805, with my MSX2+ mod.
Game working nice.
Also methink differences here only in Kanji ROM.

Por Ivan

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16-04-2020, 10:00

Indeed the game should work on European MSX2 computers. I had the original game back in the day and there was a label MSX - MSX2 on the box. Do you see it?:

El Capitán Trueno

Although being a ZX Spectrum port it is a good game.

Por gdx

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16-04-2020, 12:02

El Capitan Trueno freeze because of a bad slots handling, not because MSX localisation.

Por Parn

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16-04-2020, 14:51

glufke wrote:

It looks like the problem is the JAPANESE MSX2 and 2+.

I'm trying this file in webmsx.org :

WebMSX shouldn't be used as a benchmark since it doesn't reflect any real MSX machine. It's intended to provide a few easy configurations which should work with most software. And indeed you did find some configurations which worked with it.

Now OpenMSX tries to emulate specific MSX machines as closely as possible, which should give you much more useful information on why some software doesn't run on some machines.

Por pgimeno

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16-04-2020, 16:56

gdx wrote:

El Capitan Trueno freeze because of a bad slots handling, not because MSX localisation.

This. ^ I'm debugging and it seems to freeze when there's an expanded slot for the machine without RAM in page 3 before one with RAM. For some reason, it switches page 3 in that case, removing the ground under its feet.

Edit: For example, the FS-A1WSX has an expanded slot 0, but it has no RAM in it, because the RAM is in slot 3. Since slot 0 is before slot 3, it crashes when it switches the primary slot for page 3 to slot 0. In the FS-A1FX slot 0 is not expanded, so it doesn't crash.

Edit2: It seems that the cause for switching page 3 is that it wants to access the subslot register at FFFF for that slot for further testing, but that's stupid because the code itself is running in page 3. Should have used the BIOS.

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