Change where "openMSX" directory is created

Por rhodesjf

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17-04-2020, 16:08

Hi, I'm new to MSX so I'm sorry if this topic's been covered already.

I recently installed openMSX v0.15.0 on my Windows 10 PC (64-bit). I'm running C-BIOS MSX1 w/C-BIOS v0.29.

I would like to change the directory of where savestates go. Currently, when I save a state in-game using "menu"->"Save State...", it goes to C:\Users\Justin\Documents\openMSX\savestates. The parent directory "openMSX" is created the first time I save a state.

Is there a way to change the location of where that "openMSX" directory is created? I just started using openMSX, so I'm willing to lose the single savestate file I have and start over with "openMSX" created somewhere else.

Thank you for any guidance.

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Por FiXato

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18-04-2020, 02:19

Looks like the portability of a user/profile directory setting such as this might still be an open feature request:
But perhaps Manuel or another openMSX dev can shed some light on the current status of this.

Alternatively, while I haven't tried it myself, but if you don't mind there still being a virtual folder in the original location, but which actually points at / redirects to a different folder elsewhere, then you could try creating a "Junction" symbolic link:

Por Manuel

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18-04-2020, 11:31

Whatever you do, there is no need to lose any savestate files. The files are not dependent on the location they were saved to.

The GitHub issue fixato pointed to contains a workaround, I think.

Just wondering: why do you want to change the location in the first place?

Por rhodesjf

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18-04-2020, 17:39

Fixato, thank you. I'm still reading thru both of these links so I haven't tried any solutions yet, but I appreciate the reply. Will let you know what works/doesn't.

Por rhodesjf

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18-04-2020, 17:42

Manuel, I just want to have all the openMSX data under one folder so I have one directory where it all resides. I figured it'd be easy to do, and obv. it's just a style/preference thing that doesn't affect how anything works. But the more I couldn't figure it out, the more I felt compelled to do it. Thanks