WTB: Kyokugen & Pleasure Hearts Physical Copies

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Por LaDolceDols

Rookie (19)

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12-05-2020, 21:04

@Rydeen I have Kyogugen for you, I don't know anything about repro's or whatsoever; mine is the original one (in VHS videotape box). Smile

Por defdanny

Master (132)

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25-05-2020, 22:26

Hi LaDolceDols, I do not want to be rude and "kidnap" your offer to Rydeen.
But if he is not interested anymore, I would be interested in your Kyogugen. Please PM me.

Por Manuel

Ascended (16624)

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26-05-2020, 08:35

You can also buy them at msx-shop.nl

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