Turbo R slower than MSX/MSX2+ ?

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Por sd_snatcher

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07-05-2020, 12:22

Grauw wrote:

Be sure to check the MSX version number at 002DH is >= 3 before calling it.

BTW, if you check if CHGCPU itself is present, (0180h contains C3h), it will also be compatible with some homebrew turbo MSX2+ kits. WebMSX also implements CHGCPU on its MSX2+ models.

Por Bengalack

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07-05-2020, 22:57

Cool. New to me Smile "homebrew turbo MSX2+ kits" is that like running Z80B or something?

I guess I can support those setups out of the box as well, or those users need to press "X" (or something) during boot to run in normal Z80 mode. I would assume such functionality exists on those kits?

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