OpenMSX boots very slow on my computer

Por edoz

Prophet (2391)

Imagen del edoz

13-05-2020, 18:37

Hi there!

Does anyone knows why my MSX boots very slow in OpenMSX? Seems to be a odd issue Wink even the MSX boot logo does some odd things.

I recorded it here :

MSX boot

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Por Manuel

Ascended (18148)

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13-05-2020, 19:58

Haha, fantastic! I don't think it is that bad!

Por sdsnatcher73

Prophet (2234)

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14-05-2020, 06:58

Very nice indeed!

Por TheKid

Paragon (1189)

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14-05-2020, 07:57

hihi, did you install the latest version of openmsx and all the symbios latest updates Smile Also try starting openmsx with a disabled virus scanner Smile

Por edoz

Prophet (2391)

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14-05-2020, 08:50

hahaha yes.. yesterday i had nothing to do Big smile Of course I'm a huge fan of OpenMSX Big smile On my "normal" machine it runs perfectly

Por tfh

Prophet (2975)

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14-05-2020, 09:07

ROFL Smile Smile

Por thegeps

Paladin (862)

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15-05-2020, 01:23

LoL! This is funny!