WTB: Yamaha MSX 'Music Computer' equipment

Por gw0udm

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21-05-2020, 00:05


I've got interested in the range of Yamaha 'music computers' lately and I'm interested in getting hold of one. At this stage I'm really more interested in getting something to play with rather than a perfect example.

So if you have anything from this range (CX5M etc) please let me know, I'd consider anything, whatever the condition.


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Por sdsnatcher73

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26-05-2020, 19:35

I have a Japanese CX-5F or also an YIS-503. SFG-01 and YK-20 are also available. All in good condition and working. YK-20 is in the original box (Box not in great condition), YIS-503 is also in box (box in good condition). If you are interested let me know which one(s) and I can make photos.

My e-mail address is on my profile page.

Por gw0udm

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26-05-2020, 22:38

Thanks, I've emailed you