Endurance - A racing game remake

Endurance - A racing game remake

por iamweasel2 en 24-05-2020, 00:53
Tema: Software
Etiquetas: 2600, atari, enduro, Racing game

Originally released for Atari 2600, Enduro is a classic racing game made by Activision.

Fabio Ritter developed a remake of this game, including different options, like a classic version (same as Atari 2600) and an enhanced mode, with new graphics and improvements to the gameplay.

The pre-order process for this new MSX game has started.

You should contact Fabio if you have interest in this game:
endurancemsx at gmail dot com

Relevant links:
Facebook page of the project
Youtube video

Comentarios (10)

Por iamweasel2

Paladin (680)

Imagen del iamweasel2

24-05-2020, 01:01

There are other videos on Fabio's youtube channel and Facebook page. I forgot to mention, there are three versions: standard, deluxe and digital copy. I already ordered mine. Wink

Por DamnedAngel

Master (220)

Imagen del DamnedAngel

24-05-2020, 01:03

This is looking great! Ritter, sign me in Smile.

Por Robosoft

Expert (93)

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25-05-2020, 19:58

The first video game on my brothers Atari 2600 in 1984.. Great! Big smile

Por rogerio.belarmino

Expert (70)

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26-05-2020, 16:12

Congratulations to Fábio Ritter after so much work was great !!!! LOL!

Por tfh

Prophet (2899)

Imagen del tfh

26-05-2020, 16:22

Yes.. Really love the smoothness Smile

Por ducasp

Champion (431)

Imagen del ducasp

27-05-2020, 04:11

I've already ordered mine Cool

Por wilsonpilon

Champion (277)

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28-05-2020, 17:26

Congrats Ritter, I already guaranteed mine!

Por Sandy Brand

Master (230)

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02-06-2020, 16:43

That's smooth, very nice! Smile

Por ToriHino

Paladin (710)

Imagen del ToriHino

02-06-2020, 17:13

Robosoft wrote:

The first video game on my brothers Atari 2600 in 1984.. Great! Big smile

That looks indeed very familiar Cool

Por mariocavalcanti

Expert (94)

Imagen del mariocavalcanti

05-06-2020, 00:17

Congratulations, Ritter. Great work!