osd in the tcl-scripts in the scripts-folder

Por Bengalack

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14-06-2020, 14:07

Ok, so I'm throwing myself over yet another unknown territory: tcl

I'm looking in the profile-script from grauw, and it uses (as several other scripts): "osd", like this:

osd create rectangle profile.$id.bar -x 0 -y 0 -w 0 -h $height -scaled true -rgba $rgba
osd create text profile.$id.text -x 2 -y 1 -size [expr {$height - 3}] -scaled true -rgba 0xffffffff
osd configure profile.$id.bar -w [expr {$fraction_clamped * [osd info profile.$id -w]}]

where can I find more information about osd? For example: "create" and "configure" looks like a function, but how could I know that "rectangle" and "text" would work in combination with "osd" here?

I essence, I'd like to look up all graphical functions that can be used wrt to "osd" Smile

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Por Grauw

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14-06-2020, 14:43

Por Manuel

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14-06-2020, 15:00

In general: there is a help command. Use it as a start to get more information about a command.

Por Bengalack

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14-06-2020, 15:42

Very nice! Thank you.