What's it worth (missing info for my book)

Por wimpie3

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01-09-2020, 13:15

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to my Konami book is if I could add some kind of current price indication on the Konami titles. I know something is worth whatever someone gives but there ARE some differences - we all know Monkey Academy is worth less than Synthesizer for instance.

I've tried to look up some historical ebay prices on worthpoint.com but it seems not a lot of Konami MSX items have been sold on ebay in the past, so I'm kind of stuck.

Anyone got an idea on how I should proceed?

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Por Stt1

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01-09-2020, 14:09

This is very difficult task, not only in a way that what someone pays, but also condition of the game is in big role. If leaving now incomplete and loose games out, even "complete" (meaning game media, manual and box) game prices vary when it comes to what is it's condition. Example: crushed box or dirty manual will affect even dozens of Euros for some rare titles or only few euros for common ones. Then comes the category where there are (Japanese releases) also registration card and advertisements included which can also affect something (for some people, not all do mind about those "additions"). And then the shrink wrapped games which can be stated as "new" (but, because of shrunk wrapping, in some cases those games can be in worse condition than well kept unwrapped game).

Task is huge, for getting relatively good base it would need contribution from a lot of people who have experience from game prices for a long time period. Also, if you're printing a real book, the values will be somewhat out dated already when the book comes out.

Por Meits

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01-09-2020, 14:21

Maybe in stead of price range a cathegory could be used (expensive, average, cheap, maybe more). That eliminates a lot of mistakes and debate. It (not) being complete does not matter that much then. Metal Gear will always fall in the expansive cathegory.

Por AndreV

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01-09-2020, 15:30

I'll start. I'm not a big collector and don't want all games. and fairly new collecting konami games.
I can only tell what i paid for a konami game in the last half year. of course there is a price the seller wants and what people wanna pay. And how lucky you are to find the game.
Metal gear good condition €155,- max what people wanna pay is i think €175,-
Nemesis 2 €90,- good/verry good condition
king's valley € 45,- without manual condition good
Goonies €55,- good condition
Nemesis €45,- without manual decent condition
football, sky jaguar, track and field 2 €35,- decent condition
Tennis €20,-
penguin Adventure €45,- good condition

I live in the Netherlands and konami games are fairly common, and postage costs are not verry expensive but buy from abroad costs are relative high to the price of the game.

Por hamlet

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01-09-2020, 15:35

I can live well without a price indicator in this book. I almost want to say that they do not belong in this work. The reports in the book are timeless, prices are subject to different factors.
Such price suggestions tend to give windy sellers stupid ideas.
And if a buyer take a little time to study the subject, he will quickly get a feeling for which titles justify a house sale.

Por AndreV

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01-09-2020, 16:00

I think collecting these games is still affordable and a lot of fun.

Por wimpie3

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01-09-2020, 17:01

Perhaps a price suggestion is better, not in euro's but like someone said here categories like cheap, average, expensive or a star system? Could we be able to do that?

Por Bas040

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01-09-2020, 17:40

I agree the price suggestion system you propose is better.
Maybe it's an idea to create a form and to ask several people to fill in.