FAT16 hd image in openmsx

Por _ThEcRoW

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10-11-2020, 16:50

Hello all, i want to use a fat16 partition under openmsx for testing puerposes, but icannot make it work. It only sees 32mb max(fat12) and cannot create bigger ones. I have a 200mb partition in bluemsx that it performs ok, but cannot get it to open in openmsx.
Anyone has suggestions?

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Por ericb59

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10-11-2020, 18:38

i tried too...
without success

Por Manuel

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11-11-2020, 00:07

If you create the partitions with Nextor itself, they will be usable with Nextor.

So, it depends on what exactly you are doing and what exactly you want to achieve. Please elaborate. What exactly have you tried and what do you want to achieve, in terms of MSX setup?

In general, doing exactly (or the equivalent of) what you would do on a real MSX will lead to success.

Por Wild_Penguin

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11-11-2020, 17:35

I've learnt what Manuel is saying the hard way =). I.e. by making mistakes.

There are two things which may be a factor:

  1. there are different IDE interfaces, which have a different ROM part of DOS2. This does make a difference.
  2. Make the partitions via the emulated MSX. Don't make them on an image via another OS (such as Windows, Linux...)

I don't remember what errors I actually made, but it had something to do with either (or both) of the above. But it does work in OpenMSX, if it works on a real MSX. Just make sure you are actually doing just that (and not something else)!

I.e. mixing images from different interfaces - made on a real or emulated MSX - will not work (unless you are lucky)! Using partitions created on another OS will not work.

I presume this is because things were not as standardized on the MSX as they are and have become on the PC. IIRC fat16 was not officially supported in the MSX-DOS2 to begin with (only after Nextor came along, and with some patches before Nextor...)

Por _ThEcRoW

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18-11-2020, 19:43

Sorry for being late, but more or less i solved it changing the rom used by default for the sunrise ide for the one that is on konamiman's site(especially made for emulation) and now, it recognizes the partition without problems. I changed manually the file in the xml file.
Thanks for the replies!