noise when using SET PAGE

Por rmagalhaess

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29-11-2020, 00:54


I am playing with MSX-BASIC 2.0 with OpenMSX 16, using the MSX Turbo R FS A1GT, and wrote a small program to see the SET PAGE function:

100 screen 5
200 i=0:j=0:x=50:y=50:c=7:p=5
210 gosub 700
300 i=1:j=1:x=100:y=100:c=7:p=5
310 gosub 700
400 i=2:j=2:x=150:y=150:c=7:p=5
410 gosub 700
500 i=3:j=3:x=200:y=200:c=7:p=5
510 gosub 700
600 for t=1 to 50
610 for v=0 to 3:set page v,v: next v
620 next t
690 end
700 set page i,j
710 circle (x,y),30,c
720 paint (x,y),p,c
730 return

and the result was very strange:

Using Sony HB F1 in OpenMSX, the result was even worst:

The same program in BlueMSX 2.8.2, using "generic MSX2" was executed without the noise/interference:

Do I need to create some XML configuration to prevent this issue in OpenMSX ?


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Por Dolphin101546015

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29-11-2020, 03:29

You need clear VRAM on start:
101 for i=0 to 3:set page,i:cls:next i:set page,0

All what you see, just data in VRAM.

Por rmagalhaess

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29-11-2020, 17:27

Thanks Dolphin,
Now it is fine!
Big smile