Help! I can't run OpenMSX 16.0 at all!

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13-12-2020, 17:25

Hello! I'm a newbie in the world of MSX emulation. I just downloaded OpenMSX 16.0 but it always give me the same message:
"Fatal error: MultiByteToWideChar failed: 1113"

The older versions seem to run without problem. What's wrong?

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Por sdsnatcher73

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14-12-2020, 18:57

What OS and platform are you on?

Por Manuel

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14-12-2020, 19:06

What is the path of your Windows user directory?

Por ren

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14-12-2020, 19:32


(So try to use only standard/basic ASCII chars in your path.)

Por Manuel

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14-12-2020, 19:39

I call any Windows developer to please help us solve this issue.

Por SjaaQ

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10-03-2021, 16:32

A bit off topic, but for people that are also experiencing a "can't run OpenMSX" issue on Windows, I want to share the following:

I have several windows laptops and use the same installation of OpenMSX of all of them. On this particular laptop the OpenMSX window was showing, freezed for 10 seconds and then quit. The Windows event viewer also showed some error which did not contain any useful information.

The laptop has an Intel UHD 620 and a Radeon 530 GPU and is Running Windows 10 20H2 (which modified the GPU choice from the driver to the windows settings). I added OpenMSX to the "Graphics settings" in the that can be found in the "Display settings" and set it to use the Radeon 530. This fixed the problem on this machine.