SCC + compatible sound extension for sale

Por Popolon_fr

Resident (52)

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19-12-2020, 19:33

This extension allows you to use the Sound Cartridge programs identically. It has 5 polyphonic channels and by default 512Kb of Ram expand to 2048Kb.


  • S.C.C+ sound compatible
  • 512Ko or 2048Ko
  • black Overrich cartridge case
  • PCB is compatible with the original cartridge case.

The PCB can replace a defective cartridge or avoid damaging an original cartridge in order to use the sound part. I have a few units if people are interested, let me know .

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Por Popolon_fr

Resident (52)

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20-12-2020, 13:44

I got the wrong text, you can choose 512kB, 1024kB or 2048kB. That is to say up to 16 times larger than the original cartridge.

Por da_Dude

Rookie (30)

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20-12-2020, 14:57

!Declare Interest for a 2048 model and sticker/label.

Question tho: can an Audio LineOut be added ?

What will the price be?

*Mail Sent*

Por gdx

Prophet (4017)

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21-12-2020, 08:58

I want probably one.

Por syn

Paragon (2011)

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21-12-2020, 09:11

send you an mail also

Por sdsnatcher73

Paragon (1493)

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22-12-2020, 12:34

Hi Popolon, could you send some recordings of the audio?

Por Popolon_fr

Resident (52)

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22-12-2020, 14:51

Hi, I put a temporary link to download the file. It is an OGG format. The capture comes from the Scart output of the MSX: Download.

Por Popolon_fr

Resident (52)

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16-01-2021, 19:46

I've added some sound captures of Snatcher and SD-Snatcher Download.