WTB: Cartridge tray for MSX box

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Paladin (931)

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22-12-2020, 02:36

Bit of an odd one here, but I'm wondering if anyone has any standard black-colored plastic cartridge trays from MSX boxes lying around that they'd be willing to part with. I recently bought a boxed copy of War of the Dead, and separately bought the War of the Dead manual, meaning I ALMOST have a complete set (in very good condition!)... except for some reason, the box is lacking its cartridge tray, so the cartridge is just wrapped in bubble wrap to keep from flopping around inside. I'd really like to FULLY complete this game, as I have a real soft spot for it (I know a lot of people hate WotD1, but I love it!), yet even looking through the rest of my collection for games I could scavenge, all I found were:

- White cartridge trays
- Cartridge trays branded with company logos, e.g. Konami, T&E Soft, etc.
- Cartridge trays built in to the box/unremovable
- Cartridge trays glued down to the box, unremovable without damaging the box

If anyone has a cheap game with a removable, unbranded black cartridge tray they'd be willing to sell me (and ship to me here in Japan), I'd be quite appreciative!

Very specific request, but hey, can't hurt to ask, right? Wink



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Por CopperPod

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19-04-2021, 04:07

Hi. I know it's not quite what you requested; not plastic, but black cardboard cartridge carriers / box inserts.
At least better than bubble wrap untill the right plastic tray turns up.


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Paladin (931)

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19-04-2021, 04:36

Oh, thanks, but I actually managed to find a cheap game and scavenge the tray from that. Wink So I got what I needed already.

Really appreciate the response, though!


Por andallaco

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21-04-2021, 08:56

hello, can you indicate where to find the outer plastic part of the MSX cartridges, removing one I broke the fasteners, so I have to replace the body.