MSX prototypes?

Por Takamichi

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31-12-2020, 03:26

Two half-built PCs from the above here are described "MSX software development machines?!". The lower one is additionally described that the bundled references contained some stuffs like block diagrams. The text at the bottom of the page says the webmaster got onto a magazine as the guy who bought two prototypes at once, which means the magazine's redactor also thought they were prototypes.
To me the keyboard of the first one looks Sony and the second one looks Casio. Can someone tell if they are the existing MSX machine without parts, or are really unknown prototypes?

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Por Manuel

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31-12-2020, 13:19

Isn't the second more like a Yamaha keyboard?

Por hamlet

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31-12-2020, 13:32

Yes, looks like ASCII used Yamaha keyboards for building and testing.

Por tfh

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31-12-2020, 14:40

Not so strange, considering Yamaha was also supplying chips...

Por Pac

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31-12-2020, 16:46

We already reported about this specific model here.