joystick button combo binding?

Por Cayce

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03-01-2021, 15:18

Is it possible to bind multiple joystick button presses to an openMSX action?

At I see a 'hint' towards combos being supported in the 'bind ALT+RETURN' example, but e.g. bind "joy1 button8 up"+"joy1 button9 up" or bind "joy1 button8 up+joy1 button9 up" cause a syntax error. Is this feature only available for keyboard events?

On my Linux machine I run openMSX 0.15.0, on my RetroPie package 0.15.0-2 is installed (although openmsx -v reports "openMSX 16.0-unknown").

As background, I'm trying to mimick the RetroArch hotkey function in openmsx. On RetroPie+8bitdo I press Logo+Start to exit, Logo+B to reset, etc. I can successfully bind single joystick buttons to actions (like toggle_freq, exit, etc.) but I quickly run out of buttons ;-) Plus I'd like to have the same behaviour on RetroArch apps and non-RetroArch.

BTW this is my first post. I searched for this issue on the web, this forum & tried it myself, but could not find a solution. I saw many helpful hints on this forum for other issues I had, so I'm hoping anyone will be kind enough to help me out with this (apparently) new one. Thanks in advance!

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Por wouter_

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04-01-2021, 08:36

Hi Cayce,

Unfortunately what you're trying to do is not supported in openMSX. You cannot combine multiple events into one combo-binding. Also for keyboard events this is not supported. The only exception are the usual modifier keys like SHIFT, CTRL, ALT. Those can be arbitrarily combined, but only with keyboard events.