Por Gradius2

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16-02-2021, 06:49

Which was the first MSX2 ever released ? Brand, model?

And when it was? The full date?

I only know it was in 1985.

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Por jltursan

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16-02-2021, 15:53

In the 85/07 MSX Magazine issue appeared a MSX2 machine, the Yamaha YIS-604/128. Not sure if it was the first to be available...

Por Metalion

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16-02-2021, 18:06

In France, the MSX2 was first announced by SONY at the SICOB convention in September 1985.
And they were planning for the first models to be marketed in January 1986.

But in Japan, things were happening faster than that, of course.

Por Gradius2

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17-02-2021, 09:38