Cartridge Analyser Kaiseki-kun?

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Paladin (931)

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07-03-2021, 14:10

Anyone have any idea what this... is? It's listed as "MSX-ROM Cartridge Analyser Kaiseki-kun mk-II." I can't find any real information about it online -- not even in Japanese -- and I'm a bit puzzled as to what exactly a "cartridge analyser" would do. It's especially odd because of its oversized nature and that knob on the side.

I almost didn't post anything about this, because I'll probably try to bid on it, and I don't want to generate my own competition here... but I also don't want to bid on something when I have absolutely zero clue what it is, as there's only so much wow factor rarity and obscurity alone can bring to the table. ;)

So if anyone is able to shed any light on what this thing is, I'd be most appreciative! And if I've successfully caused YOU to bid on it and actually beat me to the punch (let me know if you plan on doing so, as I'll probably just concede to you so as not to drive up the price)... sorry! Heheh.


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Por Manuel

Ascended (18240)

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07-03-2021, 21:45

I guess it's a ROM dumping tool, similar to the ROM Hunter mk II... but that's a pure guess. Not sure what that knob does then.

I hope you or someone else active on this forum will win the auction and tell us all about it Smile

Por st1mpy

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07-03-2021, 22:38

ROM32kコピーツール 逆アセンブラ DUMP Editor

Was the only thing I saw written on some web page. Rom 32k copy tool. Disassembler, dump editor.

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Paladin (931)

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08-03-2021, 07:55

Re: the knob, someone on the Facebook group suggested it might be to slow down execution speed of the inserted cartridge, which seems plausible.

I suspect the price for this will shoot up in the last hour, so I doubt I'll win it, but I will try bidding on it if no one else calls dibs first. Wink