stl file needed to 3d print a case for a 4mbyte memory map cartridge

Por nikodr

Paladin (748)

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20-03-2021, 17:27

Can somebody help?I found some stl files here on mrc on another thread but they are for small cartridges the one i have is this and before trying to reslice and make one bigger from the existing stl files does someone have something for a cartridge like the one seen on this photo?
Thank you

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Por Wierzbowsky

Guardian (3541)

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20-03-2021, 17:45

AFAIR there are standard cartridge cases for such cartridges, you might want to ask on the "Trading and collecting" thread whether anyone has the factory-made case for this board.

Por Manel46

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22-03-2021, 15:05

Do you have the dimensions of this printed circuit, with the holes?