MSXdev21 Jury panel

MSXdev21 Jury panel

por MSXdev Team en 21-03-2021, 19:32
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Just over two months ago, the latest rendition of the long running MSXdev game combo was announced. Today, the MSXdev team is ready to reveal this year's jury panel to us.

While the MSXDev21 deadline is at the end of August 2021, three games have already been submitted to the contest as we speak; competitors Tool Blocks, Bookworm, and Reflexion will probably be accompanied by many more entries. After the deadline, it's in the hands of the jurors to judge all of them. The panel will be judging all entries on the categories Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Polish, and Originality.

Read the complete jury announcement on MSXdev's web site to see which five jurors fill those seats.

If you are enjoying this MSXdev contest, why not consider donating to the price money? 100% of the donations will go to the game developers. The MSXdev21 contest runs from January 1st to September 1st, 2021.

relevant link: Jury Announcement at

Comentarios (6)

Por valkyre

Hero (553)

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21-03-2021, 19:37

Great names on the panel.

Por tfh

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21-03-2021, 19:47

That's in impressive jury!

Por defdanny

Champion (309)

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21-03-2021, 20:59

Real MSX celebrities. Even with support from down under!
I am using Toni's sprite editor for our MSXDev 21 entry... this is a good omen. :-)

Por Meits

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21-03-2021, 23:36

tfh wrote:

That's in impressive jury!


Por Manuel

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21-03-2021, 23:58

This is a very impressive jury indeed! I hope Cas can appreciate MSX1 games though Tongue

Por AnsiStar

Expert (89)

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23-03-2021, 14:30

I like the channel from electric adventure! Wink