Freedom Fighter New prologue is ready!

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Por Daemos

Paragon (1954)

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21-03-2021, 12:16

If you work with a preorder system there is nothing to worry about. The exclusivety can easily be made by putting some special extras in de cart release. Besides if the game is good (and it definetly is) people will buy the cartridge and download the free version.

Por santiontanon

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23-03-2021, 15:33

thegeps wrote:
tfh wrote:

Love the new prologue! Looking forward to see the game in full glory when you've finished it!

As soon as the physical version (when available) will be delivered to the ones who will order it, the free downloadable version (and free playable version on File-Hunter too) will be updated. The game is for the msx community so free and physical version will be the same. MSX love <3

I like this decision very much! As tfh mentions, it's some times nice to wait a few weeks/months to release the final version publicly to help the cartridge manufacturers sell a few more copies. But releasing everything at the end is awesome! Thanks for all the great work and openness thegeps!

Por thegeps

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24-03-2021, 13:27

Well, I'll be the one who will sell the copies. I've done some tries on a cartridge I bought from Carmeloco. I need to gather some info about were to buy jewel cases (and their prices) and manual/labels printing costs. Then I'll be able to set the right price.
So, as I said, when preordered copies will be delivered I'll release the free version. Well, when sending copies I'll write a mail to all the buyers and will ask them how many time they think is reasonable to wait before public complete version as free.
Oh, and of course I will release the code too. Just have to end to comment it, but the most is commented yet

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