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Por TheKid

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14-04-2021, 11:08

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a command prompt to start a gfx9000 game.
something like openmsx -machine Philips_NMS_8250 -diska DaGame.dsk -videosource GFX9000

And if there ain't such a command prompt, can it be done otherwise?

The Kid

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Por Sylvester

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14-04-2021, 11:22

you could try with: -script boot.tcl

and in the boot.tcl (untested):

proc wait_until_boot {} {
  global speed

  if {[string first "BOOT COMPLETED" [get_screen]] >= 0} {
    set speed 100
    set videosource GFX9000
  } else {
    after time 5 wait_until_boot

set save_settings_on_exit off
set speed 9999
set fullspeedwhenloading on

Then your machine will boot fast, and then it will set the speed back to 100% and switch to gfx9000

Por Manuel

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14-04-2021, 11:26

Most games will activate the GFX9000 display if you use the Vdeo9000 extension instead of the gfx9000. This is implemented in openMSX and thus will in most of the cases make sure you see the right video.

Por TheKid

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14-04-2021, 11:52

Thanx for the quick replies. And indeed, when using the video9000 extension, openmsx switches to the gfx screen automatically !