MSX by Satou Masakazu

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02-05-2021, 09:27

Just find this performance, is it MSX related?

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Por Latok

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02-05-2021, 12:00

The bands name is apparently Crawdaddy and the song title is clearly Rockbottom ロックボトム  Cool

So, uhm, I'd say no......

Por Takamichi

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02-05-2021, 12:30

That unlisted private youtube video has public take and its title indicates the band called MSX is covering Rock Bottom by UFO at Machida Play House. MSX likely is based on the initials of the channel owner's name "satou masakazu" in the western order = MS. Dunno what X stands for. Rock Bottom (1975) predates MSX therefore the connection is unlikely. So MSX is likely the coincidence though satou masakazu, who probably is the Flying V guitar player at the right based on his other videos, might knew it meant a computer, among other things like a speaker.