Msx Loading Screens

Por andrea.denara

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07-05-2021, 08:05

Hi, I was wondering if the software backupped over the years includes loading screens. The idea came to me when I saw this video Speed King .
I don't remember ever seeing the loading screen.
It would be useful to check something that is used a lot on other systems

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Por andrea.denara

Expert (73)

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07-05-2021, 11:00

I mean that in terms of software preservation it would be good to check the Loading Screens as well

Por Takamichi

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07-05-2021, 15:29

There are many loading screens on GenMSX. Quite often one is featured in place of the title screen, for instance with Spitfire '40.

Por ~mk~

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07-05-2021, 20:03

Most loading screens come from ZX Spectrum games and this is not an exception.
They didn't even bother to remove the original game name in this case, "750cc Grand Prix".
Another one I clearly remember, is Payload. I used to think the game was actually called "Juggernaut" because I had a pirated tape version of the game and it displayed the Juggernaut screen while loading.

Por CASDuino

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07-05-2021, 20:35

Head Over Heels loading screen is particularly bad one.
Just a BASIC program DRAW and PAINT.

I enjoy the Lothlorien BASIC Loading screens though. They put some effort into them.