Z80 united

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Por wolf_

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19-06-2007, 23:22

Would be interesting, but I think we should consider that a second phase. I think a meet 'n greet 'n sniffaround on a fair is phase one..

Por JohnHassink

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20-06-2007, 00:44

Do those other systems have girls? Big smile

Seriously, I remember a fair (I think it was Zandvoort, quite a while ago) of which the organisers had decided to allow a small number of other systems, namely game consoles, at the stands.
Some people were disgruntled with the idea of sharing the hall with "the enemy".
Certain individuals fell to taking universal remote controls with them and continously zapping the screens on the stands of the other systems.

Although it was pretty funny, I think I agree that, maybe, "we" have reached a certain maturity which allows us to see it all in perspective now.

As long as there's no pity or despair involved... Wink

I like the idea!
One question: I do not expect the distribution of ideas, visions and overall "fun" to be a problem at all, but how can we trade and exchange our products, ways of development, utilities and "raw data"?

Por Manuel

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20-06-2007, 09:00

I'm not talking 'against' the other systems. I just think that most MSXers are not very interested in them.
Getting more non-MSX systems on a fair doesn't fix the problem that there isn't much news on the MSX front. (Although, a long term effect *might* be that there will be more news...)
Still, I'd like to keep the Nijmegen fair an MSX-fair. And again: I don't mind some non-MSX folks to show up as well. But IMHO it should be >50% MSX.

Por Pac

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20-06-2007, 11:32

Let MSX fairs become 'Z80 fairs' and invite Speccy and Amstrad folks (or other active retro systems carrying a Z80). When it'll work out great then you gain:
- fair size
- booths
- stuff to see on booths
- new faces/friends
- new art, ideas, creation techniques

I agree with you. Although I'm from Spain, in Barcelona there are only MSX meetings. I like your idea, for me it's like two F1 pilots in the same team. Both learn due to their rivalry and the team obtains the best of them. I don't looking for confrontation with other platforms but to learn new and unknown techniques and methods which all users can adapt to their machines. The best example is SymbOS. It's not necessary to abandon the pure MSX meetings. Remember we're

Por sunrise

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20-06-2007, 22:27

I tend to agree with Manuel. We talk about how we accept other systems on a msx fair , but ask the other way around also.
Besides that MSX is still on the developping side. Except from ATARi I have seen little new , as we visited several retro fairs by now.
Madrid is simply special to the qualties of the splendid way rafa corrales manages the whole thing.

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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20-06-2007, 22:44

Of course ppl are still developing stuff here and there, but how often does that end-up on a fair these days? In the old days one made something for Tilburg or Zandvoort, those were the real deadlines. These days with internet one just releases something when it's done. And perhaps things won't get finished as the motivation to finish something on a random date is less strong than to finish something for one of the two major classic fairs.

Regarding the other way around, no problem, but I know *nothing* about CPC/Spec scene, do they have special CPC and Spec fairs (not just common retrogaming fairs eh, more like our own MSX fairs)?

Por sunrise

Paragon (1091)

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20-06-2007, 23:10

I was more getting at the fact that for msx the development is higher. Bussum as well as Nijmegen are still the big deadlines nothing changed.
It is really a pity ball quest is already launched , it misses now a nice jacket. Look Ivan says something for Matra.
It would have been indeed the option. But the effect to do it is gone

Por madcrow

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21-06-2007, 00:01

Zilogfest sounds fun... Sort of like a middleground between the massive retro-gaming oriented "retro festivals" and the platform-specfic events. Of course, the problem with a Z80 fest is that's there's som nay Z80-based systems out there. Where would you draw the line: the TI-83/83+/84 and TI-85/86 calculator lines are Z80 based. The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis had a Z80 onboard, as did the Neo Geo and Capcom CPS arcade systems, even though all of them were mainly based on the Motorola 68000... Would any device with a Z80-be allowed or only classic Z80 computers?

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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21-06-2007, 17:28

I guess limiting to generic purpose computers (no consoles) with one main CPU, being the Z80, is the way to go here. Otherwise we could perhaps also invite dishwashers orso.. Tongue

Por poke-1,170

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21-06-2007, 18:04

we could display some satellites Wink

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