Fake Bit: Imitation and Limitation

Por Manuel

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01-07-2021, 22:20

You might like this older article about MSX and La-Mulana, actually mostly about modern games that mimic the style of old computer platforms like MSX.

I couldn't find any reference to it on msx.org, so I hope you haven't all already ready it Smile

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Por Manuel

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01-07-2021, 23:56

Ooops, forgot the actual link to the article: https://escholarship.org/content/qt3s67474h/qt3s67474h_noSpl...

Por AxelStone

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02-07-2021, 10:12

I don't understand why to do modern games using old limitations. If you want to play a MSX game, use a MSX, not a modern console Sad

Por Grauw

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02-07-2021, 11:06

The article makes me want to attempt to port La-Mulana to MSX Smile, too bad the source code isn’t available. Also too bad that the newer versions of La-Mulana removed the MSX references in the story. I would’ve liked to play the original version on my Playstation.

Por Randam

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02-07-2021, 18:11

I would indeed wish GR3 or la mulana would be ported to msx. They are so msxy it is a pity no to have them.

There is an editor for La Mulana. Can't that be sort of used for converting the game by the way?

Por PingPong

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02-07-2021, 21:45

Again: the usual refrain:
a) "the I/O access make impossible to use the z80 fast block operations."
the z80 has OTIR like LDIR the main problem could be the VDP speed.

b) this prevent to achieve smooth scrolling using ldir like on zx spectrum
On msx you can do smooth scroll with the same limitations you had on speccy maybe even faster using tile mode.
Let's say scroll a brick background by simply blitting the correct tiles (8 or 16 bytes) instead of moving large parts of the screen.
MSX does this in different way
If you can't resist and wanna at any cost to do in speccy way you can also achieve similar performances the slowness if due to the color table that is 6144 bytes vs 768, the VDP itself, has no such big impact on performances.

It is time to stop this refrain and tell the truth.