Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 released

Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 released

por konamiman en 20-08-2021, 17:39
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A new release of Nextor is out there! The list of changes this time is small and covers just a couple of bug fixes:

  • The DE registers pair was not preserved after a call to the EXTBIO hook.
  • The _GPART function call wasn't returning the proper data in registers IX and IY when executed via CALL 5 (it was working when executed via CALL 0F37D, though). This bug was present in NEXTOR.SYS.

Additionally to the bug fixes, this release introduces a new kernel ROM variant for the 1chipMSX and similar machines (e.g. the SX|2); this variant is pretty much identical to the one for the MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD but it has all the DiskROM related code removed.

Relevant link: Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 release

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  • Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 released
  • Nextor 2.1.1 beta 1 released

Comentarios (10)

Por karloch

Prophet (2158)

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21-08-2021, 22:17

Thank you always for the great work Konamiman.

Por Grauw

Ascended (10639)

Imagen del Grauw

21-08-2021, 23:20

Thanks for the continued developments!

Por S0urceror

Master (206)

Imagen del S0urceror

22-08-2021, 07:16

Great, I’ll check it out!

Por selios2000

Hero (556)

Imagen del selios2000

22-08-2021, 22:06

Hahahaha!!! I don’t understand anything! Smile Smile

Por KdL

Paragon (1447)

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23-08-2021, 15:27

Thanks!! Santa

Por gdx

Enlighted (5861)

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24-08-2021, 12:08

My favorite software! I updated my Sunrise CF but still not tested.

Por Popolon

Expert (77)

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27-08-2021, 07:51

how can update the megaflash nextor? thaks

Por gdx

Enlighted (5861)

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02-06-2022, 09:23

I noticed in the sunride.asm file that mulub a,a is used although this instruction is deprecated by ASCII.

	; Check for a Z80 or R800
	xor	a		; Clear Cy
	dec	a		; A=#FF
	db	#ED,#F9		; mulub a,a
	jr	c,.useLDIR	; Always use LDIR in RAM for the R800

Por sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3685)

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04-06-2022, 05:55

@gdx: deprecated is a difficult word for us not native English speakers (Dutch, French, Japanese). What I mean to say is what did ASCII really mean to say when they said “this instruction is deprecated”? Did they really disapprove of the use of this instruction? Was this because future MSXs might not support the instruction? Which may have been relevant at the time but probably less so now. Or does the instruction have some side effects that can be unclear and cause unintended result?

It is the first time I read about this BTW, so really just curious (and obviously an assembly NOOB).

Por gdx

Enlighted (5861)

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04-06-2022, 09:33

In fact ASCII just says that operation of MULUB is garanted with B, C, D and E only. I do not know more but I don't think it's for a future reason like MSX might not support the instruction. I'm thinking more of a series of buggy R800s released on the market.

Anyway, on closer inspection of source code, it seems that the sunride.asm file is not used when compiling Nextor. I think Konamiman just used it to make the Driver.mac.