How to run .bin files in fmsxdos??? or RUMSX????

Por CrazyMad

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15-04-2003, 23:16

I have some msx-games. The most of them are .rom files they are no problem for me. BUT: I have some .bin files too. I can't run them with fmsx-dos or RUMSX. How can i make these games to work????

Can anybody help me?????

Greetz CrazyMad

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Por mars2000you

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16-04-2003, 00:51

You must first create a .dsk file on which you put the .bas and .bin files.

Use DiskManager that can you find on the site of RuMSX :

.bas files are BASIC files . You can run these files when you are in BASIC by the command RUN :

for the file "TEST.BAS" : RUN"TEST.BAS" (+ press on RETURN)

.bin files are binary files. Some of them can be launched in BASIC by the command BLOAD, R :

for the file "TEST.BIN" : BLOAD"TEST.BIN",R (+ press on RETURN)

Some games are a combination of BASIC and binary files, with a loader file like AUTOEXEC.BAS or a file .LDR. Put all the files of a game on a .dsk file.

If there is an AUTOEXEC.BAS file, the game will start automatically when you run the emulator with this .dsk file.

If there isn't an AUTOEXEC.BAS file, then you create this file in BASIC with only one line :
( if the loader file is TEST.LDR)

You can also rename TEST.LDR and give as new name AUTOEXEC.BAS by the BASIC command NAME"TEST.LDR"AS"AUTOEXEC.BAS", but in some cases, you must also change some lines of this BASIC file, if they refer to "TEST.LDR" (replace TEST.LDR by AUTOEXEC.BAS of course)

A last important point : if the game don't start, reboot the emulated MSX and press on Left Ctrl until you hear a beep : it's a trick that desactivates the second drive and gives more free memory.

Por CrazyMad

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16-04-2003, 11:58

Thank you very much!!!!!

Por Manuel

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18-04-2003, 19:53

Of course this is also explained on the Ultimate MSX FAQ!

Por anonymous

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19-04-2003, 02:39

The FAQ rules Wink

Por Nazir666

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09-03-2007, 19:18

how can u create a disk when the .bin file is 590,000 kb?

Por [D-Tail]

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09-03-2007, 19:31

Create a disk image in Disk Manager (see above) and then just place the file in it. How to run the BIN: see above Wink

I see 590,000kb. I thought 590,000 bytes Tongue Do you mean it's like 590MB? Then it's probably a CD image. Use daemon tools for mounting such things. See Yahoo! Smile