[WTS] Philips VG8235 with Gotek

Por sdsnatcher73

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21-09-2021, 16:08

I have for sale in good working condition a Philips VG8235 which has been upgraded with a Gotek. Price is €225.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail. The address is on my profile page.

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Por djh1697

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21-09-2021, 23:21

Nice Wink How ever, I see little point when you can just use Sofarun to load disk images off a SD card on the MFRSCC+, mind you, do you include a USB stick with some nice disk images?

Por sdsnatcher73

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22-09-2021, 11:27

There are several reasons a Gotek still makes sense:

  • If you are a newcomer to MSX buying a flash cartridge may seem a bit daunting at first and you may not want to invest as much at the same time you buy your first MSX (which is of course a good thing).
  • SofaRun (or actually SofaRunIt that does the disk emulation) cannot run every game. The Gotek will run everything like a normal diskdrive would.

A USB drive with disk images can be included, free of charge.

Por sdsnatcher73

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03-10-2021, 17:36

This one is sold, Italy gains an MSX Wink

Por benji_975

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03-10-2021, 19:37

It's not the first, won't be the last! Wink