My latest MSX game: Westen House

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Por Briqunullus

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15-02-2023, 09:04

I recently made some time to finally finish this game. Had a lot of fun playing. I worked on putting together a map, but I found out someone already just did that. You can find J. Rosnell's map at tfh's download site.

Por Ivan

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15-02-2023, 10:13

An extended version (1Mbit MegaROM) with more screens/rooms and sound tracks is going to be released soon in physical format (cartridge).

Westen House EX

I'm looking forward to it!

Por santiontanon

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15-02-2023, 16:02

Thanks! We are finalizing the pricing (waiting for a final estimate from the printing service for boxes/manuals/etc.) to set a price for the cartridge, and we will open preorders soon!

Por ro

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15-02-2023, 16:11

Santi, drop a message when you think yer ready, so we can do a proper news post on that Smile

Por santiontanon

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15-02-2023, 16:54

Thanks! Will do!!! Smile

Por valkyre

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15-02-2023, 18:47


Por thegeps

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16-02-2023, 22:44

One for me!

Por Shinobi Musashi

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26-02-2023, 23:35

I have just finished it, better later than never Smile I'm surprised by its little 48k size, because the game sure is great in playability, design and ideas. It also has very nice color graphics and good sound. With all of this, it's able to create its own atmosphere, which make it different from other "Filmation" games. Westen House has it own style, and some details are much better than the games it takes as inspiration.

IMHO the difficulty is quite fair and well-balanced. The puzzles and the increasing level of the enemies are very well executed. The control is a matter of minutes, I got used to it very soon and in my Sony HBF1XD keyboard it was comfortable, I had no problem with the 2 keys pulsation to take items, for example.

It may sound odd, but the first game that came to my mind when I started playing was the first Alone in the Dark. Player with blue suit and brown mustache that receives a letter and go to a mysterious old house Smile

So congratulations for creating this jewel and thanks a lot for sharing it with us! Can't wait for the physical EX edition. You can count me in too Smile

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