A new MSX (3?) for 2022 ?

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Por Ivan

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23-09-2022, 22:16

Pac wrote:

For the first time the MSX is not backward compatible... with the logo!! Hard to believe. Crying

The proof that it was a really bad decision and strategy are the multiple negative reactions. Maintaining the original logo, complaints would be zero.

It is a decision that no one expected and everybody is surprised. Changing the logo is also a risk and the response of the current (and former) MSX user base can come unexpected.

Por gdx

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24-09-2022, 02:19

I think he wants a logo that evokes novelty and retro.

Por AxelStone

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24-09-2022, 11:21

I don't think that changing the logo is a risk, let's keep in mind that this new MSX has been designed for the general public, not for old MSX users exclusively.

Por selios2000

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24-09-2022, 15:21

How strangeeeeeee. I don’t believe it. But anyway… we will survive. It is like the cartridges plugged in your MSX with an alternative logo…

Por gdx

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28-09-2022, 09:38

What I like in the MSXs and that few people realized at the time, is that they are Machines Super eXpandable. MSX3 appears to keep the same spirit. Smile

Por SwissPanasonic

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28-09-2022, 19:55

MSX ????????1983~1994/ 2022~
Computer MSX influenced my life in the middle of the fabulous 80s and later for my interest in Japan. I greatly thank Mr. Nishi San for his invention and for reviving the MSX and this new project for the future.
I will support and buy the MSX3 and the various Hardware and Peripherals.
I would not take the cartridge alone but the complete set with a keyboard (separate or a single block like MSX2+ or Turbo-R)
I welcome new software MSX3 and the download system for old software MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, MSX Turbo-R.
I hope we can subscribe and download Project-Egg from Europe.
Do you think the system will have HDMI Connection ?
The connections for peripherals will be like for the MSX or simply USB or Bluetooth (PC peripherals pad, printer and others) ?
Will there be SSD or only Blu-ray etc?

Por RockRiver

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10-10-2022, 16:30

I like the VR in msxVR logo
I like this mock-up by Pazos/@Marcelllado
I like the 3 by Nishi, but no the thinner...

It's only a logo. I'll put a sticker

Long life to MSX system!! (v9990, msxVR and msx3 compatibility)

Por SwissPanasonic

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03-01-2023, 10:47

Happy new year MSX Ressource Center & MSX Fans !

MSX ⌨️1983-1994 / 2023~
MSX Standard has influenced my life since the fabulous '80s during my teenage years. (4 models until Panasonic FS-A1GT)
This contributed to my passion for Japan, Japanese brands, and trips in Japan from 1992 until 2019.
I deeply thank Mr. Kazuhiko Nishi for his invention and his desire to revive the MSX with MSX3.

I will support and buy the MSX3 (& others MSX0 Pro; new peripherals and accessories, MSX Magazine) from Japan.

Hope the complete model in 2023 with keyboard (separate or integrated), compatible with MSX, MSX2, MSX Turbo-R and the download system (Project-Egg ?) for old games and software as well as new softs and games.

End of January, Nishi San will probably present MSX0 (Pro) and available about Spring 2023 (crowdfunding and Amazon)

Por SwissPanasonic

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05-01-2023, 22:52


Here full article please translation with Google Translation or others:

MSX3 will be later but want MSX0 Pro.

Por Micha

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06-01-2023, 12:24

This MSX0 seems to be really cool! It looks like the keyboard can be exchanged with a game-like pad? On the other hand, it is really really tiny (credit card format)... Let's hope the small format will help to keep the cost down.

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